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Proclamation for the Unborn (HIIN=17)

A contribution from the All Lives Institute

There are none so blind as those who will not see

John Heywood, 1546

The 2019 abortion laws in Ireland prompt this Proclamation, of international relevance. Due recognition is scarcely ever given, in abortion laws, to the young lives abruptly terminated. Governments and Media Influencers usually avoid or cover up facts - here revealed in a direct challenge to judicial killing. Of course, Power knows it does not have to yield to reason.

Depriving little human beings of their humanity - by law (including via a referendum) - solely to legalise killing them, speaks of the barbaric. Emotional, insubstantial slogans underpinned calls for the "right to choose", were and are still unchallenged. Expediently, our politicians now allow the killings of any offspring under twelve weeks old. When killings are carried out, at later stages, pain-relieving drugs are refused. No respect is shown to the corpses of victims variously put to death.

Globally, laws are contrived to ignore the humanity of the conceptus. Abortion supporters use rare cases, when pregnancy can cause difficulties, to push for increasingly unrestricted regimes.

Now pick the killer slogan you want to unpick.
  1. It (the Fetus) is only a Bunch of Cells
  2. My Body, my Choice
  3. I want safe, legal, accessible Abortion
  4. A Fetus is not a Person - for the first few Weeks anyway
  5. Hear us, hear our Cry, while you ignore us, Women die
  6. Women's Rights are human Rights
  7. In Women we trust! (and other Slogans)

Slogan 1

It (the Fetus) is only a Bunch of Cells

Abortionist Response: Yes, it's a bunch of cells just like a sliver of meat.

The Facts: Viruses are acellular (have no cell structure). They are a thousand times smaller than a bacterial cell. Yet they are equipped to convert RNA to DNA and then, to make proteins, convert it back to RNA. Effectively invisible as they are, viruses can have the most frightening, powerful effects. To speak of cells, so much larger, in an uninformed way, indicates a dangerously ignorant or closed mind.

From conception on, our cells only need food, water, oxygen and warmth: our humanity has fully begun. It develops in seamless stages. Our very first cell contains the 3 bn letters of the Human Genome (all of the information needed for us to grow and mature). Written out, it would fill 1m pages. Reading these, 24 hrs/day, would take a century. Each of a human adult's 100 tn cells contains a copy of the same 3 bn letters. Scientists at the Wyss (Harvard) Institute stored c700 terabytes of data in a gram of DNA. To do this with hard drives (the densest storage medium) would take 233 3TB drives (151 kilos).

The infinitely many tasks of DNA include, importantly, how to develop our brain, with its estimated 200 bn neurons (or nerve cells - c10,000 types). Each cell connects to c10,000 other neurons. They pass signals to each other, via c1,000 tn synaptic connections - comparable with a 1 tn bit/sec computer processor. The number of ways in which information flows across the healthy brain's neurons is greater than the number of all the stars in the known Universe. At conception, the breath-taking, magnificent armoury of Nature is put into its harness - to engender the love of parents for their offspring and to protect these from abandonment and death.

No matter what infinite splendour and imposing capacity we present, in the womb, the abortionist's coarse job is to get rid of it - in the name of compassion - or whatever sullied vocabulary is used. Society does not have to be so unashamedly grubby. A young mother should be told about how she is treasured as she participates in a new wonder of Nature. Laws should recognise reason, at the very least.

Slogan 2

My Body, my Choice

Abortionist Response: I want complete power over my own body - in all circumstances!.

The Facts: A woman, unexpectedly pregnant, may have to face being ostracised or may just see the matter as an inconvenience. In any event, most usually in a pressured position, the drive not to be pregnant is extremely powerful. Certain facts about pregnancy need to be set out.

Lambs have been grown without having their mother's care. Two teams are now researching how babies could also be grown outside the womb - right up to delivery (Ectogenesis). The conceptus is never part of the mother's body but is another fully human individual. Neither Governments nor Media avert to this, although the relevant information is widely available.

Invigorating but baseless slogans are powerful. Whilst much abortionist narrative can logically be refuted, its social influence can still 'burn through' entire populations. People are bombarded (from every direction), not with medical logic but with opinions/views/beliefs, of poorly informed but trusted influencers. The need to be seen to be right and to be liked can lead people subconsciously to conform. They may have not elaborated any complex issues for themselves. Government and Media abhor facts which would require logical deduction. [Take a look at the Brexit chaos.]

Self-esteem derives from identifying with a group (Social Identity Theory). Logical Fallacies (devices of false argumentation), Loyalties, Biases, Prejudices and Comfort Zones can facillitate a Groupthink approach by many to challenging questions. Disengaged from fact and reason, abortion supporters may quite unknowingly pursue what is a bloody agenda. Choosing to end a helpless life has serious, permanent consequences. Yet the marchers above show innocence and decent intent.

Slogan 3

I want safe, legal, accessible Abortion

Abortionist Response: My choice in safe abortion would not be hurtful to my baby or at least not very hurtful. I'm a good person. There are no alternatives to termination anyway.

The Facts: Embryo Transfer, for example, could give a family and a home to unwanted babies: a win-win-win situation for two mothers and a child. Many good people, relying on slogans or inadequate briefing, have now made way for horrific practices.

Governments themselves do not go on record with any alternatives to abortion - nor on how and when a fetus, being murdered, will suffer extreme shock, with pain registering in different ways.

Perhaps the most agonising death we can inflict on anybody, ever, is burning them alive in Saline Solution (Instillation). Yet Monsters do this or callously allow it to be done.

The Irish Government see destroyed babies just as hospital waste.

US Republicans on a special House Panel investigated the price per body part from aborted babies in a number of abortion clinics. The cash obtained in 2016. There was $3,340 for a Foetal brain, $595 for a baby skull and $890 for the upper and lower limbs, with hands and feet asttached. What calculations been done by the Irish Department of Children and Youth Affairs for the prospective income from the 10.000 annual killings they expect in Ireland? Who owns the rights to body parts from the extracted child?

Governments do not tell people the horrible poisons they use nor the agony caused by ripping apart a developing child, limb from limb, before the artificial deadline of birth is reached (though some activists do demand after-birth abortion). Aborted babies have been incinerated in UK and US hospitals for heating. Will the 'unwanted products of conception' ('POC' - what a repulsive term) just be composted here - or the valuable body parts sold?

Will babies who may survive abortion be killed any old how or allowed piteously to die? Sex-selection abortions are not outlawed. Does common decency matter at all? Love your child. Call one of these bodies for Love and a helping hand:

Slogan 4

A Fetus is not a Person - for the first few Weeks anyway

Abortionist Response: Trust me to make the right decision at the right time for me!.

The Facts: A woman may be consoled by her belief, uncorrected by Government agencies, that her conception only becomes a 'person', with human rights, after some time. However science, for many years now, does not accommodate 'views' on justifying killing, based on arbitrary, man-made attributes (eg personhood, age, 'moral' responsibility, capacity for self-defence, etc). Laws, therefore, can only indicate that the 'number of weeks lived' (which varies with the country), before a killing, may provide legitimacy for this. What 'see-through' logic!

Cornell Physicist Richard P. Feynman is forthright: "Smart people (like smart lawyers) can come up with very good explanations for mistaken points of view." The hideous Irish law on judicial killing discards reason and common decency.

These activists have every appearance of being wonderful people, ready to smile. They seem to bypass all realisation that abortion brings indescribable deaths to voiceless innocents and subsequent misery to many mothers.

These activists exhibit something of a 'wolf pack' mentality.

The first activists above may see the conceptus as a growth, not yet independent. The others, however, may accept murder simpliciter - saying i) the infant will be killed anyway, legally or illegally, and ii) the best for the mother is in a local clinic, legally. In both cases, misunderstanding - influenced by cognitive biases (over 100 exist) and prejudices - will nearly always compete with or suppress abhorrent intent. Abortionists do not see themselves as cruel killers but liberators of stressed women. [The Irish government advice on the abortion referendum omitted to refer to biology.] Hard cases, where the child is an unsuspecting bystander, awaiting an untimely, painful end, will only fuel the roar for blood.

Slogan 5

Hear us, hear our Cry, while you ignore us, Women die

Abortionist Response: Women's Healthcare and reproductive Rights must include Abortion.

The Facts: Reasons to support abortion vary - from the regretful to the hard-line. Little lives are always emphasised by the pro-life side and strenuously ignored by the other. In the US, grounds for abortion are as follows (2016):

Rape O.3%; Incest 0.03%; Mother's life 0.1%; Mother's health 0.8%; Foetal health 0.5% Mother's mental health: 0.2%?

Elective (98%) - of which - not ready/too young 32%; Economic 30%; Child's impact 16%; Single/no partner 12%; Enough children already 5%?; Sex selection 0.1%?;

Use of the term 'mental health' is highly subjective. [Question marks show the difference between States indicates statistical weaknesses in the averages shown]. Advocates of unrestricted abortion cite 'hard cases' cases - rape, incest, health or life of the mother or baby. Data suggest that commonly cited figures for hard-case abortions are much exaggerated. This said, many Governments perpetrate brutish, indeed ghoulish laws, without even the pretence of a statistical or biological back-up, knowing we shall (mostly) all keep looking the other away.

In Ireland, abortion supporters said pregnancy adversely affects a mother's health. What perhaps was really meant is that illegal abortions can go wrong. Anyway, we now have free, effectively unrestricted abortion, to the highest medical standards. Excuses for mothers like 'my educational needs', 'cannot afford a baby', 'single motherhood' and 'absent fathers' are unnecessary. The 2019 funds for killing preborns, leave many necessary social, medical and mental services unable to cope. Abortion Trauma, a mental health issue, can bring about self-destructive behaviours, relationship problems and repeat abortions or what is called the 'atonement child'. Whilst the initial controlling drive may be to 'get rid of it', the subsequent Abortion Trauma is a serious condition. No provision was made for it in the Abortion Budget. Anyone suffering from the condition will have to go on one of the endless waiting lists for health-care - so wretchedly underfunded.

Slogan 6

Women's Rights are human Rights

Abortionist Response: Women become pregnant. Men have no place in this.

The Facts: If fathers had a legal rights, some 'disappeared babies' could be saved. To exclude fathers' and babies' rights means the slogan is code for "allow unfettered abortion".

The earliest records of abortifacient use, were found in China, c4,500 years old. Today, human organs - eg from aborted babies, impoverished or imprisoned adults in China, India and Pakistan -are trafficked. Global powers have elsewhere bombed whole countries into famine and death. We cannot sugar-coat how humans react to people and things in their way. And nobody can say that a global, yearly killing of 60m babies (25% of all pregnancies) and levelling a populated street are not both bloody acts, comparably morbid. We debase ourselves here, with pretence. We can do better.

A human life destroyed without pity. Aborted after 6 weeks (Suction Method). Found in a dumpster in Michigan (1987). With kind permission:

A street and contents bombed to pieces.

In 2007, the UK Select Committee on Science and Technology, considered it necessary to state that abortions, wherever carried out, have serious adverse physical, emotional and spiritual consequences. And that there can be no disagreement but that abortion involves the deliberate taking of a life. The slogan above demands the right to do this - utterly dishonestly (a feature of all these slogans). UK and other Governments know well but do not avert to the fact that they permit judicial murder.

What we can all recognise is that tarnished laws and lawlessness afflict everyone. Why not decide to speak for the voiceless and unprotected, whether living in the womb or in any other circumstances?

Slogan 7

In Women we trust! (and other Slogans)

Abortionist Response: I want what I like!

The Facts: Many quite derisory, yet invigorating jingles support abortion, having a strong 'feel-good' ring about them and bringing impetus to abortion campaigns.

This Proclamation shows abortionist jingles to be baseless. We can all now fathom the utter torpitude of a Government, which accepts them without correction. More Irish jingles below:

"Later will be too late, women must decide their fate - Time to repeal the 8th, later will be too late - Tick tock, it's repeal o'clock - My body, not yours - Keep your rosaries off our ovaries - Sick of waiting, sick of your spiel, sick of stigma, we want repeal - Time to repeal, time to act, time to take our bodies back - Hear our voice, this is what we feel, there's just one choice, we want repeal - Fuck your bromance and your socks, don't send women to the docks - Hear us now, hear us clear, the time for a referendum is here - It's time to choo chooo choooose choice."

The use of jingles like these would in most circumstances be embarrassing. Their effectively unchallenged use - in a successfully weaponised manner -- is a telling reflection on the overall moral/intellectual state of Irish society and its political leaders - inglorious and loathsome, leading us astray. They come unbidden into the lives of honourable medical staff and order them to commit murder. You really could not make it up. Most abortions in England, Wales and Scotland are carried out before 24 weeks of pregnancy. However, given just a 5% chance of survival, Isabella Evans was born at 24 weeks. The little girl fought for a 100% chance of a happy life -and is now safely at home. It must be that Isabella will be granted 'personhood' - in secret - by the English Government.

Further showing what a repulsive farce is the idea of a conceptus having to become a real person, as set out under law, eg after X weeks, is a new law in Holland. It allows aborted babies to be registered as 'persons' - retrospectively. [Of course the laws were not framed for granting 'personhood' to hospital fuel or baby parts. The hypocrisy only came to light later.] All Lives do Matter but, to many (Governments included), Truth is a casualty of convenience and expedience. Life (and death) just go on. Our psychology has a dark side.

We're encouraged to hear about your faithful work, in Dublin, to cultivate a culture that cherishes the Unborn and champions all human life. It is so inspiring to hear of those who are caring for the most vulnerable in other parts of the world. God bless your continued work. Live Action (a human Rights non-profit Organisation and digital Leader of the global pro-life Movement).

Ejected from Residential Care, I am homeless now, for eight years. Hunger and Cold are my companions. I have been used, abused and am pennyless. Neither my life nor the lives of my daughter and unborn son, Tomás I call him, cause any toady to glance my way. But I say that my life and all lives, including those of the Unborn and of others mentioned here, are equally sacred. To counter their killing, Serious Players are needed. Serious Prayers are needed. Clóighí Ní Bhriain