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In today's world, human lives continue to be put at risk. For those faced with dangerous situations, there may be no way out. For those who cause these to happen, there will be something to gain.

The All Lives Institute investigates lethal threats which have been faced by groups and individuals. They form Vulnerable Human Cohorts (VHCs). National and international actors tend not to take meaningful action. The stories of many VHCs remain largely unknown and untold.

Differing laws, religions and personal opinions/interests can influence the ending of human lives. Thus violence with impunity by Controllers (CNTRLRs - including States, Militias, Corporations and others) - causing involuntary death - calls for attention. The explanations for violent actions, when reported, tend to be ignored or cause interminable disagreement.

The Algorithm (link above) may be used to calculate the Human Insecurity Index Number (HIIN) for VHCs. It describes mathematically the insecurity which occasions human life to be ended. This approach disallows nugatory discrimination against groups or individuals.

In its outputs, the Algorithm gives the HIIN related to lethal advantage. Where individuals are attacked, the lethal advantage needed may not be great, but the organisation undertaken for the act can increase the HIIN. The difference in HIINs computed, for individuals investigated, indicates a pattern which places them in the one grouping.

Where groups are attacked, higher HIINs indicate the higher level of lethal advantage, occasioned by the activities of troops/militias deployed. Comparable with organisation adding to lethal advantage, such advantage may be reduced when groups fight back. The difference here, in the HIINs, indicates the existence of two groupings - for when attack is resisted and when it is not.

The Algorithm is designed to reflect the atmosphere which pervades a scene of local killings. Significant differences in the HIINs overall are so not to be expected.

Supporters of VHCs presented on this website have approved i) what is said about them and about other VHCs and understand ii) that human life, scientifically and medically, is that which is based on Human DNA. This the first time in history when such simple togetherness has been arranged.

On this website, the All Lives Institute, the VHCs investigated and open-minded people, can speak with one voice when, pointing to the outputs of the Algorithm, we say that many innocent individuals have died at the hands of those, collectively, with power over them.

The following links lead to studies investigated:

Individuals Attacked:       Albinos       Elderly       Unborn       Native Canadian Women       Child Exploitation

Groups which do not resist:       Diminutive       Peru tribes       The Yaqui       Diamond Miners

Groups which resist:       The Kachin       The Ogoni

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